Start By Taking a Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test is the first step in confirming your pregnancy. There are two types of pregnancy tests: blood and urine. Women typically confirm their pregnancies with a urine pregnancy test.

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). As this hormone builds in her system, it enters her blood and urine stream. A pregnancy test is positive when it detects hCG in her blood or urine.

Where Can I Get a Free Pregnancy Test?

Hope’s Choice offers free urine pregnancy tests. You are under enough stress, and the cost of a pregnancy test doesn’t need to be one more thing to think about.

Stop by during our regular hours. Or, make an appointment so we can thoroughly discuss your situation. Your test results remain entirely confidential. We do not notify anyone.

Taking a Pregnancy Test At Home

When you purchase an over-the-counter pregnancy test, follow the directions carefully.

Here are the steps if you’re taking a test at home:

  • Check the date to make sure it isn’t expired.
  • Take the test on the correct day of the month. Experts recommend waiting a day or two after your missed period for the most accurate results.
  • Take the test in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated
  • Wait the recommended amount of time to check the results

What If The Test Is Negative?

If your pregnancy test is negative but you still haven’t started your period, take another test a few days later. It could be negative because you are testing too early.

There are some health problems like stress, excessive exercise, rapid weight gain or loss, and hormonal issues that can cause a missed period. You will want to see your healthcare provider for answers if it remains negative and your period doesn’t start.

What If The Test Is Positive?

Make a free appointment at Hope’s Choice to discuss your situation and options. We care about you and your future.