What Do You Know About Adoption?

Most people are unfamiliar with adoption. The process is very different from what it was a few decades ago. Today, the expectant woman or birth mother can choose the family who raises her child. She has complete control over the process. 

Making an adoption plan costs you nothing. Take a closer look at how to create an adoption plan for your child.

Why Would I Choose Adoption?

Women choose to place their children for adoption for many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • Feeling too young or too old to parent
  • Already parenting children and don’t have the resources to add another one
  • No longer in a relationship with the father
  • They were never interested in being a parent
  • Lack of financial, physical, and emotional support to parent
  • Want to finish their education or continue their career

How Do I Begin the Adoption Process?

Step One. Find a Reputable Adoption Coordinator

The agency you choose should provide counseling before, during, and after the finalization of the adoption.

A recent survey found that birth mothers who didn’t feel manipulated into choosing adoption and received thorough counseling were the most satisfied with their adoptions. 

Step Two. Select Your Adoption Plan

There are three basic adoption plans:


Open Adoption allows you to pick the adoptive couple and essentially the future you want for your child. You exchange identifying information with the couple, including full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Together, you agree on the amount and type of communication.

Semi-Open (Mediated)

This plan is similar to an open adoption, except all communication is sent through a third party, such as your adoption agency. It provides a little more privacy for everyone involved.


Only about 10% of adoptions today are closed. With this plan, you have no contact with the adoptive parents or your child. Everyone remains completely anonymous.

Step Three. Choose the Family

You choose the adoptive couple who will raise your child. Your agency shows you “bios” of various couples who match your criteria, and you select the perfect family.

Step Four. Finalization

At this point, the agency you chose should have counseled you, provided for your medical and legal expenses, and explained the finalization process. In Alabama, a birth mother is given 5 days after the birth of her child to determine if adoption is still the best choice. 

How Can Hope’s Choice Assist Me?

At Hope’s Choice, we can provide referrals for reputable, licensed adoption agencies in our area. Working with a full-service agency is critical. Schedule an appointment to discuss this option and receive referrals.